CTE at GRatz

Gratz CTE programs occur during the school day and give students real world experience in a field of their choice, along with a chance to earn industry certificates and even college credit before graduating. If accepted into a program, students will commit to taking classes related to that program from 10th grade until they graduate in 12th grade. All supplies and costs related to the program and certification are covered by the school.


Culinary Arts

  • Lead by Chef Dolan

Gratz has always had a proud history of supporting the culinary arts, and we are excited to continue this tradition with our full industrial kitchen and restaurant hosted within our culinary program. Students go beyond learning how to cook, and are taught everything from how to organize and run service within a restaurant to advanced food safety guidelines. Students earn industry certifications such as SafeServ and are prepared to enter careers or degree programs in the restaurant, catering, or hospitality industry.

Health technology

  • Lead by Ms. Williams

This program prepares students for a variety of healthcare occupations, from certified nursing assistant to primary care doctor. Students are taught medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, legal, ethical and economic aspects of healthcare, basic health occupational skills, OSHA regulations, infection control, and use of personal protective equipment. Students also get the opportunity to practice real medical skills in a clinical setting! Some certifications students can earn include CPR, First Aid/AED, and OSHA regulations.

Communications technology

  • Lead by Mr. Martinez

This CTE program teaches basic skills and concepts in the fields related to Digital Media Design. Projects and assignments in this program focus on industry specific occupations such graphic design, animation, interactive design (games & apps), web design, and video production. Students will earn certification in adobe photoshop and other adobe programs, and will learn everything from how to make their own beats to how to set up and run a professional photoshoot.

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STEM Honors

  • Lead by Ms. Jenkins

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students learn a variety of skills from how to build robots to how to design websites, but it’s about so much more. STEM prepares students to compete and succeed in the real world by teaching critical thinking, problem solving, research, team building and collaboration, creativity and independent thinking.

For more information about STEM Honors contact

Isobel Dewey-Uyehara - isobel.dewey@masterycharter.org

Assistant Principal of Instruction