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Gratz strives to create strong classroom and school communities through programs that build up on and enrich student’s academic experiences. Gratz facilitates rituals such as morning circles, community meetings, and school events that celebrate the school community and the joy of learning. More specifically, community and morning meetings build community through chants and cheers, engage in friendly competitions, and celebrate their grade peer accomplishments.

Moreover, our school disciplinary system is organized around Restorative Practices, an approach that supports students in taking personal responsibility for their wrongdoing and repairing any negative impact their actions caused to relationships within the school community. Gratz’s approach blends emotional support systems, leadership opportunities, restorative consequences, traditional consequences, and well-defined expectations and limits. Our goal is to establish clear boundaries for behavior while building students personal effectiveness and reinforcing the value of relationships and the school community.

Assistant Principals of School Culture

Anthony Harris

Erik Zipay


Marc Baxter

Donheen Boone

Dominique Butler

Andrew Finney

Iyanna Flynn

Kenneth McCallum

Jeremy McNight

Eli Taylor


Kickboard is a tool for teachers andadministrators to collect, analyze and share data regarding their students' academic andbehavioral performance.

At Simon Gratz we utilize the Kickboard platform as a school-wide positive behavior system. Students receieve merits and demerits. They are able to "cash-in" merits at the virtual merit mall located on Schoology.

Download the app to your phone or login from Schoology. Contact a dean for login information.

Click here to visit the kickboard website.

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