electives at GRATZ

In our Electives program, all students will have the opportunity to engage in classes that provide a valuable and important adjunct to academics. These courses (such as art, music, fitness, computer technology and physical education) enable the student to develop an integrated education while continually pursuing excellence in all endeavors.

Electives STAFF


Brittany Jenkins

STEM & Computer Technology

Christine Mazur


David Reeves

Physical Education

David Sendef


David Tinsley


program highlights

At Simon Gratz Mastery Charter, students can elect to take the electives that spark their interest. Students also have the opportunity to have multiple electives within a year. We are now offering opportunities for students to take higher level courses within their elective (i.e. Art 2, Fitness 2, Band, and many more).

There are many highlights from the programming. Throughout the building, you get a chance to see many of the student’s artwork displayed. The music program has a drumline. In computer technology, students are seeing the ins and outs of creating apps and websites. In PE, students are participating in many different sports and are fully engaged. And finally in fitness, students are learning more about how to properly workout and the importance of it.

Electives Courses

  • Fitness

  • Art

  • Art II

  • Physical Education

  • Computer Science

  • Introduction to Music