Social Work

Social Work at Gratz

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Gratz Social Workers

Jess Owens9th
Stacy Triumph 10th
Kiyona Brown 11th
Doris DeRienzo 12th
Samantha Daniels Low


Gratz Social workers offer

  • Brief check-ins, either ongoing or following a difficult event

  • Individual counseling

  • Group counseling

  • We have a variety of groups that vary per report period

  • Referrals to outside counseling

  • Referrals to various community resources and services

  • Specific supports to pregnant and parenting students, students in foster care, and families experiencing housing insecurity/homelessness

OUR partnerships

Mastery has partnered with local agencies to provide support to our students.

Please note that some of these services are not accessible without the assistance of your school’s social worker.


AVP serves victims of violent crime and individuals who have lost a loved one to homicide (often called “co-victims”). AVP offers several programs and services free of charge, including in-school supports.

Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia

Phone: (215) 567-6776Email:

West Philadelphia Office

Phone: (215) 748-7780Email: