Special Education

special education at gratz

The Specialized Services Department provides comprehensive special education programming to meet the individualized needs of each student, including:

  • Individualized Education Plans & Case Management Support

  • Academic Interventions

  • Low Incidence Programming

  • ANCHOR Emotional Support

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Related Services

  • Transition Services

Serving the needs of all students!

Case management

Case Managers are essential to the academic success of each student on their assigned caseload. The Case Manager ensures student success through the development, implementation, and on-going monitoring of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each student on their caseload. Case Managers collaborate with peer General Education Teachers and work as partners with parents to ensure that students are receiving the appropriate accommodations and modifications for success.

Case Managers

  • Megan Becker

  • Glenae Covington

  • Alicia DiPompeo

  • Heather Krawiec

  • Brittni May

  • Angela McBride

  • Elizabeth Rogiani

  • Christine Rock

  • Lynette Shaki

  • Cynthia Spiecker

  • Carrie Stoltzfus

Academic Interventions

Academic Interventions at Gratz are driven by the student’s learning needs and Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Students are provided with appropriate Research Based Interventions using a tiered approach. At our school, we offer:

  • Tier 2 Guided Reading Embedded Literature with pull-out support from a reading interventionist

  • General Education Math Support from a math interventionist

  • Tier 3 intensive replacement curricula including Read 180, Math 180, and Sonday Systems

Teacher Leaders

  • Christina Geitner

Tier 2 Reading Intervention
  • Heather Krawiec

Tier 3 Math & Reading Intervention


  • Kenya Harris

Math Intervention
  • Clitessa Haynes-Hogue

Guided Reading Interventionist
  • Mercy Martin

Reading Intervention
  • Jalissa Price

Math Intervention
  • LaToya Quarles

Reading Intervention
  • Christine Rock

Reading Intervention
  • Caitlin Ruiz

Math Intervention
  • Funmi Saheeb

Reading Intervention
  • Octavia Young

Guided Reading Interventionist

Low Incidence Programming

Program Director: Daniel Heath

The Low Incidence Program at Simon Gratz Mastery Charter has a collective of teachers, case managers, and a host of supporting staff dedicated to servicing our students in the Multiple Disabilities, Life Skills and Autistic Support programs. We are aware of the current impact that these unprecedented times may have on you, your student and your family. In that light, we are remaining dedicated as ever to continue providing the most robust and engaging virtual experience for your student(s).

Teacher Leader

  • Brittni May

Behavior & Case Management


  • Jamie Averette

  • Wendel Boyd

Multiple Disability Support
  • Ikea Butts

Transition Skills
  • Dominique Coles

Multiple Disability Support
  • Cherish Crawford

Functional Academics
  • Sharilyn Crawford

Transition Skills


  • Charles Gathers

  • Ariel Goodwin

Social Skills
  • Quishawn Green

Reading & Case Management
  • Larry Lantz

Multiple Disability Support & Case Management
  • Brittany Martin

  • Shannon McClure

Daily Living & Case Management
  • Lindsay Stanislow

Functional Academics & Case Management
  • Bajahi Void

Daily Living

ANCHOR emotional Support

Our ANCHOR Emotional Support program utilizes evidence and school-based therapeutic approaches that have been shown to be effective and maximize the students’ opportunities to achieve academic, social and behavioral success within the school setting. Our program focuses on utilizing the Student Achievement Model (SAM), a skills-based curriculum. With this model, our students receive therapeutic supports from both classroom counselors and clinicians.

Classroom Counselors

  • Festus Aigbokhai

  • Nysear Byrd

  • Adriaan Tomkins

  • Leon Michael

  • Shamar Smith

  • Julia Vaughn


  • Virnetta Newman

  • Sheronda Ball

English Language Learner (ELL)

Teacher: Dionne Hawkins

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program is built on the belief that native language skills transfer to secondary language learning. Based on this, students are taught social & instructional language in tandem with academic language of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies throughout each stage of English proficiency.

Related services

At Gratz, we believe in serving the needs of all students to meet their educational goals. This includes:

  • Psychological services

  • Speech-Language services

  • Occupational or Physical Therapy

  • Counseling services

Related Service Providers

  • Jessica DeLash

Speech Language Therapist
  • Brittany Engle

School Psychologist
  • Julia Lee

School Psychologist
  • Laura Pietropola

Occupational Therapist
  • Linda Rademaker

Speech Language Therapist
  • Pam Vassilikos

Physical Therapist

Transition Services

Transition Coordinator: Dr. Carrie Stoltzfus

Through robust transition planning, we provide individualized, long term planning supports for students to ensure that they are well prepared for their post-secondary goals. We facilitate job readiness training and exploration as well as targeted job coaching and paid internships through community partnerships.

For questions regarding special education paperwork, please reach out to our Compliance Coordinator:

Ashley Johnson