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Let's make history as we facilitate Online Learning!

Online Learning Curriculum Prep-list:

    • Onboard onto Schoology

    • Brainstorm which online tools you'll use for your curriculum

    • Reimagine your class procedures

    • Brainstorm ways to build rapport and an online community for your class

You are a champion that's doing something that's never been done before!


Please refer to the Diving in to Schoology for Training Materials!

You can also find Resources from the APs on the Gratz High Staff Community Group on Schoology!


Meeting Controls with Zoom [Video]

How to Use Breakout Rooms in Zoom [Video]

How to Share Your Screen on Zoom [Video]


How to add Narration to Google Slides with Screencastify [Video]

This resourcess can help you add narration to your Google Slides presentation to support students.

How to Convert Word Docs into Google Docs [Video]

This resource will help you convert your course materials to make them more accessible and editable through Google Docs.


Tips for Teaching Math Online [Video]

Engaging Students with Polls & Quizzes on Slido [Video]

Nearpod Playlist of Tutorials [Video]


How do I log-in to Schoology?

  1. Visit the following site: masteryk12pa.schoology.com

  2. Username: Your Mastery email address

  3. Password: Your Mastery password

How can I access student log-in information?

Username = First and Last name Initials + Student ID + @mcsstudent.org

EX: tw123456@mcsstudent.org

Password = First and Last name Initials (CAPITALIZED) + a dash ( - ) + Birthday (Formatted YYYYMMDD)

ex: TW-20041213

NOTE: Students do have the capability to change their password. If they do not remember their password, email support@masterycharter.org to have their password reset.

Where are parent access codes?

Parent Access Codes are located in a green box in the Members area of the course.

Click here for more information on accessing parent access codes.

How can I add a co-instructor to a course?

  1. Give the instructor the Course Access Code for the course.

  2. Once the instructor joins your course, navigate to Members in your course.

  3. From the gear to the right of the instructor's name, select Make Admin. This person will now have a shield icon to the right of their name in the Members list, indicating that they now have the ability to administer the course.

Click here for more information on how this process works.

Are my grades on Schoology connected to eSchools?

Yes, all grades you return to on students on Schoology will automatically be updates on eSchools.

Click here for more information on how this process works.

Where do I grade assignments?

You can access an ungraded assignment from the Reminders section on your Home page. The grade entered in the Grade field of the Document Viewer will automatically sync with your Gradebook. The comments you add in this form will also automatically sync with Gradebook.

Click here for more information on how this process works.

How can I quickly switch between gradebooks on Schoology?

If you are a course administrator for several courses, you can easily navigate between gradebooks by using the Course Switcher tool located in the top right corner of your gradebook. It is a notebook icon with a drop down menu to select your different courses.

Click here for more information on how this process works.

Do edits made in Google Drive transfer to Schoology if the assignment has already been added to my course?

Once an assignment has been added to your Schoology course from Google Drive, no new edits will transfer over. If you change the document, you will need to re-upload the assignment to your course. However, if you have embedded a Google Slides presentation into a page as an informational tool, that will update as you update from your Google Drive.

Does Schoology support Google Forms?

At this time, Schoology does not support Google Forms to be uploaded as an assignment. If you need to post a form as a survey, you can post the link in your course. However, it cannot be linked to your gradebook and graded.

How can I view my course as a student?

  1. Click under "Course Options" under the course photo

  2. Click "View Course As"

  3. Select a member from the list to navigate the course from their perspective

For more information about this topic, click here.

Where can I access curricular support on Schoology?

Schoology offers Groups within their platform. Mastery is working to develop curricular groups that you will be able to access for ideas and resources. Schoology also has public groups for content areas and teaching strategies. Public groups are a great way to connect with educators worldwide and share best practices and resources.

For more information on joining groups, click here.